제목 Prof. Chae, Editorship for various internal journals

Prof. Chae’s areas of expertise span a wide range of environmental science and technology, including water-energy nexus technology, bioelectrochemical cells, energy self-sufficient wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor, microbial fuel cells, environmental nano-materials, and advanced wastewater treatment.

Prof. Chae is currently Associate Editor of Environmental Engineering Research (EER), an intentionally distributed peer reviewed journal, and serves as a special issue Guest Editor (International Journal of Hydrogen Energy; Energies), and editorial board member on various prestigious international and/or domestic journals. He is an active member of diverse scientific societies and has chaired many national and international conferences.  



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 wenl, water-energy nexus laboratory, Kyu-Jung Chae, Korea maritime and ocean university, 물에너지융합연구실, 채규정, 한국해양대학교