제목 Prof. Chae, Co-chairing for internal conference (ICAFEE 2020, Turkey)

Prof. Chae is serving as a Co-chair for International Conference on Alternative Fuels Energy and Environment (ICAFEE), 15-18th October 2020, in Turkey. He has been attending this ICAFEE conference since the first event.

ICAFEE series is a leading international forum established in 2016 that aims to provide a good platform for researchers and industry representatives to discuss the latest developments, trends and achievements in the field of Alternative Fuels & Energy, Environmental Protection, Water Treatment Technologies and Bioproducts.

ICAFEE series is also supported by a number of special issues in prestigious journals with high impact factors such as Bioresource Technology (IF 6.669), International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IF 4.084), Fuel (IF 5.128) etc.

He is actively serving as a co-organizing chairperson to prominent international conferences such as ICAFEE2020, APSMR, etc.




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